Householder transformation routines.

void mxHhVec(Vec* vec, int i0, real* beta, Vec* out, real* newval)
Calulates Householder vector.
void mxHhTrVec(Vec* hh, real beta, int i0, Vec* in, Vec* out)
Apply Householder transformation to vector.
void mxHhTrRows(Mat* mat, int i0, int j0, Vec* hh, real beta)
Transform a matrix by a Householder vector by rows.


Householder transformation routines. Contains routines for calculating householder transformations, applying them to vectors and matrices by both row and column.

Based on the "Meschach Library", available at the anonymous ftp site in the directory pub/meschach.

David E. Stewart ( Zbigniew Leyk ( Ronan Collobert (

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