class Mixer

Mixer useful for experts mixtures.


Public Fields

[more]int n_experts
Number of experts

Public Methods

[more] Mixer(int n_inputs_, int n_outputs_per_expert)

Inherited from GradientMachine:

Public Fields

oint n_inputs
oint n_outputs
oParameters* params
oParameters* der_params
oSequence* beta

Public Methods

ovirtual void iterInitialize()
ovirtual void forward(Sequence* inputs)
ovirtual void backward(Sequence* inputs, Sequence* alpha)
ovirtual void setPartialBackprop(bool flag=true)
ovirtual void frameForward(int t, real* f_inputs, real* f_outputs)
ovirtual void frameBackward(int t, real* f_inputs, real* beta_, real* f_outputs, real* alpha_)
ovirtual void loadXFile(XFile* file)
ovirtual void saveXFile(XFile* file)

Inherited from Machine:

Public Fields

oSequence* outputs

Public Methods

ovirtual void reset()
ovirtual void setDataSet(DataSet* dataset_)

Inherited from Object:

Public Fields

oAllocator* allocator

Public Methods

ovoid addOption(const char* name, int size, void* ptr, const char* help="")
ovoid addIOption(const char* name, int* ptr, int init_value, const char* help="")
ovoid addROption(const char* name, real* ptr, real init_value, const char* help="")
ovoid addBOption(const char* name, bool* ptr, bool init_value, const char* help="")
ovoid addOOption(const char* name, Object** ptr, Object* init_value, const char* help="")
ovoid setOption(const char* name, void* ptr)
ovoid setIOption(const char* name, int option)
ovoid setROption(const char* name, real option)
ovoid setBOption(const char* name, bool option)
ovoid setOOption(const char* name, Object* option)
ovoid load(const char* filename)
ovoid save(const char* filename)
ovoid* operator new(size_t size, Allocator* allocator_=NULL)
ovoid* operator new(size_t size, Allocator* allocator_, void* ptr_)
ovoid operator delete(void* ptr)


Mixer useful for experts mixtures. Formally speaking, it computes:


oint n_experts
Number of experts

o Mixer(int n_inputs_, int n_outputs_per_expert)

This class has no child classes.
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